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Photograph Contributor
1919 Clay Co. High School Football Team David E. R. Gay
Bailey, George Washington CSA Linda Ayres
Baucum, Clark Smith and Nettie Pogue Barbara Wilson Krause
Bell, Lucille Irene Ca1919 [Text] David Gay
Bunn, William & Silas Linda Ayres
Burrow, William Stace & [Text] Herb Griffin
Conaway, Jane Swann  [Text] Ron Duncan
Dick, William Livingston Beth Shaw
Farrow, James Briton & Arie Miller Helen Pate Ross
Farrow, William Mosely & Eliza Martin Family Helen Pate Ross
Goodman, Bud Jackie Phillips
Graves, J. H. Clay Co. High Principal & Teachers Ca1919 David Gay
Gregg, John Nelson Jr. & Susan Dingler Linda Ayres
Gregg, Gregg, Mason, John & Charles CSA Linda Ayres
Grindle Family Bob Blain
Hampton, Ephraim Burton Leon Sims
Hampton, Sara Ruth Peek Leon Sims
Horn, Lucille   (Text) Jackie Phillips
Horn, Ruby  (Text) Jackie Phillips
Hurst, David Spivey  (Text) Mary Neff Hurst
Hurst, Malinda Evelyn Limbaugh  (Text) Mary Neff Hurst
Hurst, Curtis Wilson & Friends Sandra Hurst
Jackson, Myrtle  (Text) Jackie Phillips
Jones, John Henry & Wencie Mentora Strickland text | Image Christie Jones
Jones, John Henry & Martha Ann Mary (Mattie) text | Image Christie Jones
Kitchens, Ethel Malinda Mason Linda Ayres
Lambert, Daniel & Mary Barbary Morris Debra Boswell Crosby
Lineville Elementary School 1928 & [Text] Herb Griffin
Lowry, Myrtle & Bell, Lucille Ca1920 David Gay
McDonald, Bunyan Linda Ayres
Mitchell, Lobina Elizabeth Knight Linda Ayres
Pearson, Newton Edward & Amanda Wilson & Family Debra Boswell Crosby
Pogue, Andrew Jackson and Sarah Ann Campbell Family Barbara Wilson Krause
Powell, Erna Ca1919 & [Text] David Gay
Ray, Thursy Elminia Jane David E. R. Gay
Roberts Family, Clay Co. Kaye Watts
Robertson, Hardy Wedding Kaye Watts
Robertson, Hardy Family Kaye Watts
Robertson, James Jay - Willie Beatrice Simpson Kaye Watts
Robertson Family Reunion, Clay Co. Kaye Watts
Robertson, Noah Henry Family Kaye Watts
Robertson, William & Sons Kaye Watts
S., Charles And Milinda  (Text) Jackie Phillips
Sims, Lester And Blanton  (Text) Jackie Phillips
Stephens Family Carol Cantrell
Stephens, David Harris & Sarah Cornelia Durrett Carol Cantrell
Summerlin, James Erastus Carol Cantrell
Moses Finley Summerlin Carol Cantrell
Summerlin, Moses Finley & Mary Arcane Haynie Carol Cantrell
Summerlin Family Carol Cantrell
Summerlin, Thomas Marion Summerlin and Ethel Price Carol Cantrell
Swann, Wilf Family Group Photo 1900  [Text] Ron Duncan
Twilley, James M. & Adaline Robinson Twilley Robbins (Headstone Photos) Robin Wallace
Wilson, Lucinda Caroline Worthy Debra Boswell Crosby
Wilson, Marie Ca1920 David Gay
Wilson, Marie Hester & Myrtle Lowry Ca1920 David Gay

Heirloom Photographs of Places in Clay County
Photograph Contributor
Gathering at a Clay Co. Cemetery Cleaning (164k) Kaye Watts

Unidentified Photographs Relating to Clay County
Photograph Contributor
Have a photo you can't identify? Post it here! See if others can help. Contributor
Curtis Wilson Hurst & Unknown Friends Sandra Hurst
Roberts Family, Clay Co. Kaye Watts
Unknown Boy  (Text) Jackie Phillips
Unknown Lady  (Text) Janice Ziegler
Unknown, Millerville Couple  (Text) Jackie Phillips

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