William Robertson & Sons, Clay County

This photo would have to have been taken sometime before 1898. One of the sons came to Texas in that year.

William Robertson [seated] 3-25-1842 - 9-24-1928
Buried Ebeneezer Cemetery, Clay County, Alabama

William is the oldest son of John Robertson and Elizabeth "Betsy" Condry Robertson

left to right:

Simon Peter Robertson 6-29-1874 - 10-02-1951
Maried : Lillie Ann White
Buried Comanche County, Texas

John Willis Robertson [my grandfather] 6-3-1878 - 7-21-1955
Married to Lela Bell Roberts
Buried Comanche County, Texas

Lee Andrew "Soddy" Robertson 10-10-1870 9-15-1955
Married to Sallie Ghent Lake
Buried: Waco, McLennan County, Texas

Loomis Robertson 6-5-1882 11-12-1958
Married to Mary A. Clementine Gray
Buried Comanche County, Texas

Contributed by Kaye Watts Jan 2003 wattsit2ya@htcomp.net