Roberts Family, Clay County Al.

This is a photo of the Roberts family [I am assuming]
I have been told that the man and woman on the left hand side are John Monsula Buchanan "Bud" Roberts
and his wife Laura East. I also think that the man on the right hand side with the white shirt and tie
is my grandfather, John Willis Robertson, son of William Robertson and Elizabeth Pursley, and to his left,
[standing behind the boy and girl] the woman with the white blouse with trim around the collar is
Lela Bell Roberts, wife of John Willis Robertson, and daughter of "Bud" Roberts and Laura East
If this is a Roberts family photo, it would have to have been taken before 1901.
One of the other men would probably be Joseph Redie Roberts and his wife Georga Ann Missouri Knight.
I would love to have some positive identification of the people in this photo, and where the photo was taken.
If anyone can help me with this photo it will be greatly appreciated.
This is another of those unidentified photos with no description on the back that ended up in
so many women's trunks, that leave us wondering.

James M. "Deacon" Roberts and Mary Lancaster


1. Ellenton J. Robertson, b. abt 1841 d 4-6-1882 Battle of Shiloh
2. James W. Roberts
3. Joseph Redie Roberts b 12-30-1847 d 1-17-1912, buried Cragford Cemetery
     married Georgia Ann Missouri Knight 2-6-1873, Clay Co.
     daughter of David Ellerson Knight and Charlotte Dean.
     2a. Lanora Indiana Roberts, married George Allen Padgett
     2b. Mary Charlotte Rosalia Roberts, married Charles H. Fetner
     2c. Willie Cordelia Roberts, married James Madson Bassett
     2d. Selesta Ellie Roberts, married Thomas George Lashley
     2e. Fannie Elizabeth Roberts, married C. S. Reese
     2f. Germaine Roberts
     2g. Harriet Ethel Roberts, married Walt W. Gray
4. Martha Emily Matilda Lola Roberts
5. Mary J. Roberts
6. Monsula John Buchanan Roberts, b 9-2-1856 d 10-15-1906, buried Cragford Cemetery,
     married Laura Malissa East, daughter of William Ray East amd Malissa McCrary
     6a. James William Roberts, married Mattie Corine Worthy
     6b. Lee Ella Roberts, married William Lee Wilder
     6c. Lola Eugenia Roberts, married Oscar Goss
     6d. Lela Bell Roberts, married John Willis Robertson
     6f. Laura Victoria Roberts, married John Wesley Runyan
     6g. John Marvin Roberts, married Georgia Goss

Contributed by Kaye Watts Jan 2003

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