Noah Henry Robertson Family

Identification of photo:
Top row left to right: Comer Robertson, Estelle Robertson, Callunia Robertson, Curby Robertson, Bulah Robertson, Octavia Robertson, Harley Robertson, Macie Robertson
Bottom Row let to right: Ambers Robertson, Susie Dawkins Robertson, Noah H. Robertson, Arthur Robertson, Darson Robertson

Noah Henry Robertson - Jan. 1853 - April-1946

Noah Henry Robertson is the youngest son of John and Elizabeth Condry Robertson.

Susan Elizabeth Dawkins Robertson - April 1873 - Nov 1943

Susie Elizabth Dawkins is the daughter of Andrew Jackson Dawkins and Sarah Melissa Pursley.

Noah Henry Robertson married 1st. Arkansas Texas Mitchell, born Jan. 30 1857, died Jan 7, 1890, buried: Sweetwater Cemetery, Clay Co.

Children of Noah H. Robertson and Arkansas Texas Mitchell:

1. Calunia Elizabeth Robertson - married Walter Oscar Dawkins
2. Octavia Robertson - married William Henry Amason
3. Alzady Robertson - married C.M.Young
4. John D. Robertson - married Penice Hannah
5. Macie "Boote" Robertson - married Boug B. Burdette
6. Darson C. Robertson - married Peachie Clardy
7. Arthur Hugh Robertson - married Eula B. McNeal

Noah H. Robertson married 2nd. Susan Elizabeth Dawkins.

Children of Noah H Robertson and Susan Elizabeth Dawkins:

1.Leonard Linton Robertson 2. Bulah Robertson - married Dewey Jefferson Walker
3. Estelle Robertson - married Odell Parker
4. Comer Robertson - married Bertha Walker
5. Curby Robertson - married Pearl Bassett
6. Harley Robertson - married Ruth Lambert
7. Ambers Robertson - married Lois Long

Contributed by Kaye Watts Jan 2003