Clay County Alabama Bibles.....Calvin N. Ward Family Bible
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Contributed by James Ward Feb 2004

Calvin N. Ward Family Bible
This bible is divided into five pages, scanned images can be seen at the following links:

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Page 1

This certifies that the rite of Holy Matrimony
was celebrated between
C. N. Ward of Talladega Ala
and E. J. Thomas of Talladega Ala
on Sept 22nd 1853 at Rolla Thomas'
by J. L. Barnhill Esq.
Witness: Chas Thomas & M. M. Langley
J. A. Ward & Sarah King

Page 2

Mr. J. H. Ward March 26, 1874
Miss S. M. Ward April 23, 1874
Mr. D. K. Ward February 16, 1882
Mr. R. N. Ward December 4th, 1890
Miss B. M. Ward November 15, 1890
G. A. Ward August 9, 1893
C. J. Ward Nov 4th, 1894
J. H. Ward Dec19, 1889

Page 3

Infant May 18, 1881
Sarah M. Ward Riddle Feby 27 A.D. 1910
Elizabeth J. Ward October 5 1915
Calvin N. Ward November 20, 1920
C. Jackson Ward August 29, 1916
J. Hardy Ward December 8, 1939
L. R. Ward July 12, 1954
Greenberry Ward May 1956
R. N. Ward 1953
at the bottom of the page is written
Rolleigh Thomas died March 27, 1891
Sarah Thomas died November 16, 1870

Page 4

Mr. C. N. Ward August 25, 1834
Mrs. E. J. Ward December 6th, 1837
Mr. J. H. Ward July 4th, 1855
Miss S. M. Ward March 10, 1858
Mr. D. R. Ward February 21st, 1861
Mr. R. N. Ward September 5th, 1866
Mr. G. A. Ward January 1st, 1870
Mr. C. J. Ward June 13, 1873
Miss B. M. Ward July 23rd, 1877
Miss Infant Ward May 18, 1881

at the bottom of this page is:
Rolleigh Thomas born March 25th 1801
Sarah Thomas born Sept 25th 1808

Page 5

Temperance Pledge

Printed text:
Temperance Pledge
We hereby solemnly promise, God helping us,
to abstain from all distilled fermented and
malt liquors including wine and beer, and to
employ all proper means to discourage the use of
and the traffic in the same.

Handwritten below the printed text:
Hardy Ward was born Oct 12, 1803
was married Dec 6, 1829
Martha Lamar Adamson was born Feb 13, 1808
was married Dec 6, 1829 died Dec 25, 1839

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