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Dougherty County Surnames & Researchers
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Acree, Akery, Akrey, Akra. Acre, Acrea, Acry Felicia Hardoby-Mittan N/A
Barton Taylor R Moulton N/A
Bush Jerry Goss N/A
DeHay Taylor R Moulton N/A
Dias Wallace Mitchell N/A
Dunson Felicia Hardoby-Mittan N/A
Dyess Wallace Mitchell N/A
Faircloth Felicia Hardoby-Mittan N/A
Goss Jerry Goss N/A
Henderson Wallace Mitchell N/A
Hill Felicia Hardoby-Mittan N/A
Hill Catherine Edwards N/A
Holiday/Holliday Dave Johnston N/A
Hood Taylor R Moulton N/A
Lawson Felicia Hardoby-Mittan N/A
Mosley/Mosely/Moseley/Moses Wanda Brown N/A
Parker Catherine Edwards N/A
Pittman John H. Pittman, Jr John Henry Pittman Doris Elaine Banks Families
Sauls Catherine Edwards N/A
Sawyer Felicia Hardoby-Mittan N/A
Scoggins Wanda Danner Mehlhoff N/A
Scroggins Wanda Danner Mehlhoff N/A
Shiver Mary Kathryn Kozy Mary Kozy's Genealogy Site!
Whitworth Felicia Hardoby-Mittan N/A
Wilson Terry James N/A
Yankee/Yankey Naomi McFadden Jacob Yankey GA/KY

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