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Texas USGenWeb Archives Record Submission Forms

Documents placed in the USGenWeb Archives remain the property
of the contributor, the contributor gives permission to the
USGenWeb Archives to store the file permanently for free access.
See USGenweb Copyright For More Information
These forms are for genealogical and historical records only.

TX Archives Photograph / Images
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Use this form to automatically create and send your ancestors photo or scanned documents to the TX Archives
formatted for acceptance in the USGenWeb Archives Project Or you can send your file by email to the
Archives Manager for your county (Addresses below)
Fields with an asterisk * are required! Please double check this before you submit.

Please Note: All Photograph files MUST be less than 1.5mb (1500kb) in size.
(Files larger than 300kb will be sent to a file manager for resizing before the photo
is uploaded so there will be a delay in posting photos larger than 300kb)
Only "gif" or "jpg" will be accepted. Any other file type or larger files will be rejected.
If your file is larger than 1.5mb or in another format please contact the file manager listed below or
(Click here for instructions on resizing your photo. - opens a new browser)
Selecting a copy sent to your email will not send the photograph only the text form contents

If you are submitting a headstone photo or a scanned document you
must enter the names and dates in the description field, along with
the name of cemetery or transcribe the document into the description
field. Because images can not be searched, it is important that the
information be placed in a text file which will be created from the description.
For Tombstones or Photos of persons please use First Name, Last Name Fields instead of the Title Field
Your Email Address:    
Your First Name-Submitter: Your Last Name-Submitter:
Type of Photo:                       
Title of Photo:                           
First, & Middle Name(s):         Last Name (Surname):
Date of Photo:            Month: Day: Year:
Source of Photo or Name of   
Cemetery if Tombstone

Enter Description Of Photo: * 
Please give as
much information as
possible about the photo.
Name and dates if headstone,
Transcription if document.

Enter Any Additional Comments:

Select Photo file: *
(Click the BROWSE button
to locate the photo file
on your hard drive.)

County Where File is to be Posted:

If you want a copy of the text file sent to your email check here:  
Note: The link for the file in the email may not work,
until the archives manager has had time to upload the file to the server.

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Record Submission Forms For Other States Mirror Site

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