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These forms are for genealogical and historical records only.
We are not connected to the Social Security Administration in any way.
If you are wanting a Social Security number or need to contact the Social Security Administration please click here.
Please transcribe the full record, if you do not have the full record or all the facts required, please do not use this form.

Please cite the source of your information in the Additional Comments box if there is no box on the form for citing a printed source.
KYArchives Social Security Applications
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Use this form to transcribe and send your ancestors Social Security Application to the KYArchives
formatted for acceptance in the USGenWeb Archives Project Or you can send your file by email to the
Archives Manager for your county (Addresses below)
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(Before you submit please note, we can not provide you with records, if you are looking for a record please click here.
These forms are for sharing records which you already have in your possession.)

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Record Submission Forms
Record Submission Forms

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