E-Mail Registry
This E-mail Registry program was started by Nancy Trice, former KyGenWeb State Coordinator
and one of the original members of the USGenWeb Project, with the following in mind:
  1. Many volunteers submit files to many different areas of the USGenWeb Project, USGenWeb Archives, WorldGenWeb, Tombstone Project, and other special projects.
  2. E-mail addresses change, sometimes frequently and sometimes suddenly, without warning and beyond your control.
  3. It has become difficult for us to keep up with changing the addresses, sometimes several times a year on numerous files for numerous people.
  4. Many of you have asked for a way to update your addresses globally.

Email Registry Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Email Registry?

  • How do I sign up?

  • How does the Email Registration work?


Any time you see this symbol The Registry next to a name,
they have registered their e-mail address at

The Registry.
This will be their current email address

[unless they have not notified us of a change

See an example page here


  • NEW - First Time Email Registry

    First you must register as a first time user, you will be given a form which will require you to type in a username for yourself, if this name has already been chosen, you must pick another. You will need an email address for the Email Registration to communicate with you. This email address is specific to the email registration and is not visible on the future web page and is private to you.

    Use this form if you have NEVER registered your addy or had someone else [county coordinator, state coordinator, or archives file manager, etc.] register it for you. If you aren't sure, please use the search form below before continuing.


  • CHANGE - Update your Email Registry
    You must be registered to use this option. Use the username and password you have registered to login into the Email Registry and use the option to edit your details change your current addresses, old addresses or password and logout. Your new central web page will be created and posted on to rootsweb.


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  • NOTE: The Registry is here to support the various projects and their volunteers. We will never sell your name/addy to anyone... ever!
  • NOTE: We do NOT register the surnames you are researching, only your email addresses.
  • NOTE: PLEASE do not contact this webmaster for help with any genealogy files you may want to submit, may have already submitted or any questions about files you have already submitted. I CAN NOT HELP YOU WITH THESE!

Special Thanks to Debra and David Crosby at


 for their wonderful help with the new forms.

We never could have done it without them!!

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