Tallapoosa County Alabama Photographs

Coker, Burdett, Britt, and Milner (Miller) Family Photo

Standing from left to right Winnie Coker (Miller) Mattie Coker Britt, Sug Britt Coker, Homer Luther Coker, Emma Coker Burdett.
Seated Ringold Milner (Miller) Chesterfield (Chess) Britt, William Silmon Coker, Mariah East Coker, and Calvin Burdett,
children of Mattie and Chess Annie, Sara, Johnny Coker, children of Silmon and Sugg Coker :Cora , Bill, (Cora's mother was Fannie Coker and Calvin Burdett)
children of Emma and Calvin Burdett.

(I am not sure if the little girl is named Cora or Rosa Burdett)

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