Tallapoosa County Alabama Photographs

Bulford Oneal Miller

Bulford Oneal Miller
Bulford Oneal Miller born to Ringold Milner (Miller) and Winnie Coker Milner (Miller) Dec 5 1909 Died Nov 22 1968
Buried at Rock Springs in Jackson Gap, AL. Next to his mother and father.

Dannie Armindy Clayton Miller

Dannie Armindy Clayton Miller 82nd Birthday
This was my mothers 82nd Birthday Mom passes Jan 8th 2002
She is buried at Rock Springs in Jackson Gap, AL.....Phyllis Miller Mar 2003

Claytons: Alexander son Jones and wife epsie had a son named Alex he married Nancy Alice Gray Aug 17 1890
and had one son Will Nancy died and he married My Grandmother Exa Ophelia Griffth Roney.on Nov 15 1918.
They had My Mother Dannie Arminda Clayton born Oct 5 1919, Rufus Clayton born 3-17-1922 world war 2 vet
he died oct 29 1950 , Hilda Irene born dec 24 1928....Phyllis

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