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The  Deans of Tallapoosa County

The following information was submitted for publication in the "Tallapoosa County-Heritage of
Alabama Series" and was compiled by the grandchildren of C.M. Dean

Dean (also Deen) Family

William F. Dean (B. Circa 1810) was one of ten children of Samuel Dean (also Deen) of South
Carolina.  Samuel was a Revolutionary War patriot-R2807.

William F. married Louisa Celey Fincher in Upson county, GA on July 3, 1827.  She was a fifth
generation descendant of the Francis Fisher family, Quakers, who arrived in Philadelphia, PA in
1683 aboard the ship Bristol comfort.

William F. and Louisa Celey Dean and their seven children moved to Tallapoosa county, AL circa
1845.  They first settled at a spot known as "Old Hickory Flat" where there was a large hickory
tree and a spring which provided a water source.  There were still traces of Indians living in this
area and an old Indian lean-to was used for shelter until a home could be built near the spring.
Stone pillars of this house are still there.  Records are a little hazy, but it seems the house on
what is now Dean Road was built in 1887 by William F.'s son, Charles madison Dean.  Additions
and renovations have been made and it has been continuously occupied by the Charles M. Dean
family, his son Samuel and family, and today by Samuel's daughter LaRue Martin.

On November 5, 1849, William F. Dean recorded 40.22 acres in Tallapoosa County, AL in section
13, Tnsp.22, Range 21 East of the St. Stephens Meridian of lands ceded in the Creek Treaty of
1832., just west of Hwy 63 below Youngsville (now Alexander City).  Later he bought 40.22 acres
adjacent to the above property.

William F. and Louisa Celey Dean had a total of 13 children: Samuel L. (b. 1828), Henry B. (b.
1829-d. 1863), Frances Gwena (b. 1832), Mary Telitha Jane (b. 1836), William Jasper (b. 1838-d.
1862), Thomas Jefferson (b. 1841-d. 1856), James Dean (b. 1844-d. 1845), George LaFayette
(b. 1846-d. 1923), Charles Madison (b. 1847-d.1910), Celey Louisa (b. 1849-d1923), Hethy ann
Elizabeth (b. 1852-d.1870), Sara Abigale Jane (b.1854),and Joseph (b.1857-d. 1861).

Samuel, Henry, William and George all served in the Civil War.  Samuel and George survived.  
Samuel's children by his second wife included Dizzy and Daffy Dean of baseball fame.

William F. died June 21, 1883 and Louisa Celey died in 1878.  They are both buried at Flint Hill
Methodist Church cemetery.  This church has always been the home church for the Deans.

Charles Madison Dean, the ninth child of William F. Dean, was born Dec 5, 1847 in Tallapoosa
county.  He married Eliza Ann Pasley (b. Oct 30, 1853) on November 25, 1875, in Tallapoosa
County, AL.  They had 11 children:
Hezekiah Oliver (b.Sept 21, 1876-d.Feb 15,1963), William Madison (b.Feb 15,1878-d.July
10,1950), John Henry (b.Oct 7, 1879-d.June 16,1950), Annie Eliza (b. Dec 19,1881-d. Dec 13,
1927), Samuel levi (b. Jan 12, 1883-d. Aug. 26, 1938), Charles Cleveland (b. Aug 25, 1885-d.
Dec 10, 1893), Nina Lou (b. Feb 19,1887-d. Aug 2, 1976), Mary Frances (b. March 17, 1889 d. d.
March 10, 1947), Cloe Evah (b. FEb 18, 1891-d. July 3, 1976), Thomas Denson (b. Feb 28, 1894-
D. Oct. 8, 1957), Reuben Ansalum (b. Jan. 6, 1898-d. May 31, 1970),.  Charles Madison Dean,
his wife Eliza Ann Pasley Dean and their son Charles Cleveland are buried at the "old home
place" cemetery on Dean road.  Many of the descendants are buried at Flint Hill methodist
Church Cemetery.

H.O. married Dannie Powell.  After her death he married Pearl Grimsley.  They had one daughter,
Margaret Anne.

William Madison married Gertrude Fincher.  Their children: William Douglas, Benjamin Walker,
Charles Ross, and Eleanor morton.

John Henry married Nellie Foster.  They had no children.

Annie Eliza married Festus Bowen.  Their children: Gertrude Eloise, Roy Dean, Buford Ledford,
Ferrell Lamar, Jesse Charles, Thomas Jackson, Cumbie Oliver, and twins Mary and Martha.

Samuel Levi married Zillie Framer.  Their children: Lonie Evelyn, Charles Atkin, Annie Beth,
Samuel Leon, Zillie LaRue, and James Oliver.

Nina Lou married Theophilus Pittman.  Their children: Annie Louise, Ralph Marion, James Judson,
Theophilus Harold, Mary jane, Louis Lyman, Jennie Dean and John Reid.

Mary Frances married L. B. Meadows.  Their children: Marvin Dean, Benjamin Franklin, Mary
Annie (Mae), Cary Randall, Evelyn, Lois Justine, and Nellie Grace.

Cloe Eva married John J. Baker.  Their children: John Dean, Charles Daniel and Annie Eva.

Thomas Denson married Flora Farmer.  Their children: Ruby Frances, Sarah Nell, Thomas
Denson, Jr., and John Farmer.

Reuben Ansalum married Ethel Roberts.  Their child: Catherine.

The annual reunion of the Charles Madison Dean family, held at the "old family home" on Dean
Road on the first Sunday in August started in 1919.  Present day (1999) descendants living in
Tallapoosa County include: Lonie Dean Sewell, LaRue Dean Martin, James Oliver Dean, Mary
Pittman Banks, Sarah Nell Dean Pless, Thomas Denson Dean, Jr. and John Farmer Dean.

Thomas Denson Dean Sr.'s wife, Flora Farmer Dean is still mentally alert at the age of 104.

The descendatns have served the country well in time of war. Ten or more served in WWII.  Two
of them gave their lives: CPO-USN Charles Atkins Dean - when his destroyer the USS Maddox
ws sunk off the coast of Sicily.  S. SGT_AAF James Judson Pittman-when his B-24 was shot
down over Germany.

The Deans have always had a strong sense of family, their family creed being "A good name is
rather to be chosen than great riches, and living favour rather than silver and gold. Proverbs 22:1"

Submitted by the grandchildren of Charles Madison and Eliza Pasley Dean.

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