Diary of Elder Walter J. B. Denney

This diary copied by Walter Dixson Denney on Wednesday January 13, 1982 from the original held by Mildred Mozelle Denney Tinney daughter of Elder Denney.

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I was borned Dec. 3, 1891 was married to Miss Nettie Goodman Aug. 8, 1909. Joined the Primitive Baptist Church at Providence 1st Sunday in July 1911. Was liberated by same church on Nov. 3, 1917 motion by Bro. John A. White was ordained to the full work of the gospel on Apr 5, 1919 by Elders S. W. Pruett, H. G. Harris, M. Shaddix, H.H. Goodman, Moderator. This written by W. B. Denney April 10, 1919.

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Written by Mildred Denney Tinney on the death of Nettie Elizabeth Denney. Nettie Elizabeth Goodman was born January 7, 1892, she died Nov. 19, 1955, she was married to Walter B. Denney Aug. 8, 1909. Walter B. Denney born Dec. 3, 1891, died June 27, 1950.

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List of Churches Served

Called to Mt. Olive Church on April 4, 1917, gave up care of same Nov. 12, 1923, served 5 yrs, 7 months.

Called to Concord in June 1917, gave up care of same Aug 1919 served 2 yrs.

Called to Shiloah in March 1920, gave up care of same Aug. 1923, served 3 years.

Called to Providence in Aug. 1921

Called to Bethany in Aug. 1921, gave up care of same July 1934, served 13 years.

Called to Rocky Mt. Aug. 1923, gave up care of same Aug. 1927, served 4 years.


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Called to Darien Oct. 1923, gave up care of same 1925

Called to Valley Grove Jan. 1924, gave up care of same 1929, served 5 years.

Called to Emmaus 1923, did not serve.

Called to Caanan in Aug 1928 served 14 years.

Called to Pleasant Grove, Ga Aug 1929, gave up care of same Aug. 1930, served 1 year.

Called to Bethlehem in Aug. 1931, gave up care of same Sept 1935, served 4 years.

Called back to Rocky Mt. the second time in March 1932, served then Saturday afternoons up to Jan. 1933

Called to Ephesus in Aug. 1934 (Tallapoosa County) served 2 years.

Called to Fellowship in July 1935

Called back to Bethany Aug. 1935 second time-did not serve

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Called to Smyrna Sept. 1938

Called to Fish Pond Aug. 1939, served 1 year.

Called to Ephesus at Glass Aug. 1942.

Those Baptised by Elder Walter J. B. Denney

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Names of Those Baptised

Johnie Gibson and Lela Gibson at Providence Sept. 1921

Charlie Sims and Jocie Sims at Mt. Olive Nov. 1921

Lena Allen and Dessa Allen at Mt. Olive Aug. 1922

Jamie Blankenship at Bethany Aug. 1922

Gertrude Sims and Cordie Sims at Mt. Olive Sept. 1922

Flora Hamil at Providence Sept. 1922

D. W. Sparks at Providence Oct. 1922

Geneva Carter and Artie Crawford at Providence Aug. 1924


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H. R. Avery at Rocky Mt. Aug. 1924

Brinton, Mattie and Durell Fuller, Hubert Channey, June Blanks and Myrtle Alford at Bethany, Aug. 19, 1924

Grady and Edna Alford at Bethany, Sept. 1924

Hubert Channey's wife at Bethany May 17, 1925

Zula Jones and Jara (?) Hamlet at Rocky Mt. June 1925

Laura Fuller and Carrie Sprayberry at Bethany Sept. 1925

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Susie Yares and Bob Wallace's wife at Rocky Mt. Sept 20, 1925

C. P. Smith age 16, Rolland Smith's wife and Corban Channy's wife at Bethany Aug. 20, 1927

Sister Jarvis Age 75 at Valley Grove Sept. 26, 1927

John Channy Age 32 at Valley Grove June 24, 1927

Jim Jones Age 75 at Valley Grove Oct. 26, 1927

Edwith Channy, John Kennedy and Annie Maud Kennedy at Bethany Aug. 17, 1928


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Lizzie Gilbert age 28 at Bethany Aug. 27, 1930

Charlie Alsobrooke age 70, L. V. Alsobrooke age 50 and his wife age 48 at Caanan Aug. 24, 1930

Edmund Arnett age 26 at Caanan Sept. 7, 1930

Annie Lee Williamson Age 19 at Caanan Apr. 26, 1931

Robert Nelson age 25 at Fellowship Aug. 1931

Erma Jones age 23 at Rocky Mt. Oct. 17, 1931

Frances Sprayberry at Bethany Aug. 21, 1932

Jess Story, sister Jess Story and sister John Mayo at Bethlehem Aug. 12, 1933

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Annie Drummond, George Arnett, Cohen Arnett at Caanan Aug. 24, 1933

Joe A. Tinney, Amos Kelley, Ruth Kelley, Jewel Gilliam, Lydia Mathews at Providence Sept. 3, 1933

Hoyt Morris at Providence Apr. 1, 1934

Ralph Henry at Ephesus Feb. 18, 1935

Charles U. V. Denney age 21, Myrtis Denney age 19, Junior Denney age 12, Maxine Denney age 9, Berry Griffin age 60, Marie Griffin age 14, Hilda Sparks age 17, at Providence Aug. 4, 1935


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Obera Allen age 19 at Bethany Aug. 8, 1935

Grace Harry age 25 at Bethlehem Aug. 11, 1935

Bro. Guy and Sister Guy at Bethlehem Sept. 7, 1935

Brac McCoolough and Sis Hattie McCollough at Fellowship Sept. 7, 1935

Sis. Germany, Sis Lovelady, Bro Vaulter McCollough, Bro. Hawkins and Sis Hawkins at Fellowship Sept. 15, 1935

Sis. Vaulter McCollough at Fellowship Oct. 14, 1935

Sister Lucy Middlebrooks at Caanan July 26, 1936


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Bro. L. J. McCollough at Fellowship Nov. 8, 1936

Sis R. D. Moore at Ephesus June 20, 1937

Bro. Bud Middlebrooks at Caanan June 26, 1937

Bro. Lon Crouch at Caanan Sept. 26, 1937

Sis Ethel McCright at Smyrna Apr. 16, 1939

Sis Nettie Carpenter at Providence Oct. 1, 1939

Bro. J. R. Kitchens at Fellowship Oct. 8, 1939

Bro. Aubrey White at Providence Nov. 3, 1940


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Sis De Berry at Fellowship Nov. 10, 1940

Sis Alma Smith, Sis Cohen Arnett at Caanan Aug 31, 1941

Sis Opal Williams, Sis Robertson, Bro Thomas Futral, Bro Higgins at Ephesus N. Ala Aug. 23, 1942

Bro. Newman at Ephesus Nov. 24, 1942

Bro. Beaman Denney at Providence July 4, 1943

Sis Nelson and Sis Morris at Fellowship July 12, 1943

Sis Odell Hamil at Ephesus July 20, 1943

Sis Paschal at Ephesus Jan. 24, 1944


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Sis Nonnie Nelson at Fellowship Nov. 15, 1944

Sis Brown and Sis Stephens at Fellowship 1945

Sis Rubie Nelson and Sis Hansly(?) at Fellowship 1946

Bro. Thom Morris, Fred Denney, Sis Mildred Denney Tinney, White Girls, Hamil Girls, 2 Griffins, Wynell Denney at Providence 1946

Bro Warren at Fellowship 1947

Bro. N. L. Presley at Fellowship 1949


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Bro. Phillip Kelley and Sis Phillip Kelley, Sis Onslow Morris at Ephesus Feb. 1949

Sis Lon Mitchell at Ephesus Oct. 1949



Funerals Conducted by Elder Walter J. B. Denney

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Infant of Ed Hanners at Providence Feb. 1918

Infant of J. W. Thrift at Bethany Mar. 1918

Harris Parish at Concord May 1918

Sister Strouder at Providence June 1918

Sister Hassel at Providence July 1918

D. H. Carpenter at Macedonia July 1922

Sister Taylor at Macedonia Aug. 1922

Infant of G. L. Goodman at Macedonia Sept. 1922

Doll Green at Providence July 1922

M. V. Patton at Shiloah Aug. 1922


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Permeila Harris at Lystra Sept. 1920

Sister H. G. Harris at Macedonia Jan. 1923

Infant of H. M. Crawford at Providence Apr. 1922

Sallie Short at Oak Grove Sept. 1922

Lucile Short at Oak Grove Sept. 1922

Sister Burks at Macedonia Feb. 1923

Mrs. Green at Providence Mar. 5, 1923

Martha Anderson at Shiloah Apr. 1923

Kermit Phillips at Shiloah Delta May 1923


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Sister Fuller at Macedonia (Chambers Cty) June 1923

Martha East at Lystra June 1923

Clois Gilbert at Bethany June 1923

J. T. Mountain at Bethany July 1923

Minnie Hodnett at Providence Feb. 1924

Br. McEachern at County Line May 1924

Miss Dukes at Providence July 1924

Sister Taunton at Bethany 1924

Infant of Mitchell at McDonald Chappel Sept. 1924


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Jones Gowble(?) at Ephesus Sept. 1924

Sis S. T. Passley at Fellowship Oct. 1924

Infant of Jack White at Providence Feb. 1925

Cathrine Ragsdale at Providence Mar. 1925

Sister Fannie Worthy at Wesobulga Mar. 1925

J. T. Waldrop at Countyline Mar. 1925

W. C. Hamlet at Rocky Mt. Apr. 1925

Sis Fannie Grant at Rocky Mt. Apr. 1925

Sis. Nina Morris at Rocky Mt. May 1925


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Razzie Young at Macedonia May 1925

Bro. Spears at Bethany May 1925

Caroline Dobbs age 106 at Zion Hill Aug. 1925

Kelly Gilbert at Bethany Nov. 1925

Harland Mitchell at Countaline Nov. 1925

Bro. V. G. Mathews at Providence Nov. 1925

T. J. Bell at Ashland Dec. 1925

M. F. Powell at Haller School H.(?) Jan 1926

John Gilbert at Bethany Feb. 1927


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Grady Hassel at Providence June 1927

Joe A. Gamble at Ephesus Feb. 1927

Will Thomas at Macedonia May 1927

R. W. McReight at Smyrna May 1927

Mrs. Spears at Bethany Aug. 1927

Sis Ragsdale at Providence July 1927

Sis John White at Lystra Mar. 1927

Sis Jim Blankenship at Bethany Feb. 1928


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Sis Anna Bell at Ashland Feb. 1928

Sis Mountain and Jack Jones Infant at Bethany Mar. 1928, Double Funeral

Bro Henry Hodnett at Bethany Mar. 1928

Matt Hamil at Providence Apr. 1928

Bro. Ragsdale at Providence May 1928

Infant of John Channey at Valley Grove Sept. 1928

Jim Wood at Bethany Sept. 1928

Bill Robertson at Wesobulga Sept. 1928


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Sis Jamie Waldrop at Wesobulga Dec. 1928

Dillard Green at Wesobulga Nov. 1928

Seila Phipps at Countaline Jan. 1929

Sis. D. M. Sparks at Shiloah Aug. 1929

Bro. John White at Lystra Sept. 1929

Bob Sparks at Shiloah Oct. 1929

Infant of Jack Simpshire at Providence Mar. 1930

Elder H. G. Harris at Macedonia Apr. 1930

Herman Carter at Countaline June 1930


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Zeola Price at Rocky Mt. July 1930

J. L. Sprayberry at Bethany Aug. 1930

Sis Waldrop at Smyrna Sept. 1930

Sis Nan Price at Rocky Mt. Sept. 1930

Little Russell Jones at Rocky Mt. Sept. 1930

Infant of O. L. Thomaston at Valley Grove Oct. 1930

V. D. Miller at Wesobulga Oct. 1930

Sis Trudie Hardaman at Smyrna Oct. 1930

J. H. Morris at Providence Jan. 1931


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Bascom Morris at Lystra Jan 1931

Sis Callie Carpenter at Macedonia Feb. 1931

Jewel Channey at Bethany Feb. 1931

Sarah Yates at Barfield Mar. 1931

Sis J. T. Boyd at Macedonia Apr. 1931

Leonard Young at Countaline Apr. 1931

Sis Allie Hand at Rocky Mt. Apr 1931

G. W. Drummond at Paran Mar. 1931

Willie Myerl Thompson at Bethany June 1931


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Bud Powell at Halter School H. July 1931

Sis John Arnett at Paran Aug 1931

Bro. C. R. Morris at Providence Oct. 1931

Sis Beulah Parrish at Concord Oct. 1931

Effie May Kennady at Bethany Nov. 1931

Andrew Young at Countaline Jan 1932

Sis Thomas at Macedonia Feb. 1932

Roe Hearn near Franklin Ga. Feb. 1932

W. Y. Willouby at Mt. Zion (Chamber Cty) Aug. 1932


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Vina Hamilton at Rocky Mt. Sept. 1932

Infant of L. B. Arnett at Paran Nov. 1932

Sis Lucy Whitley at Glenn, Ga. Jan 1933 Double Funeral

John Whitley at Gelen, Ga. Jan. 1933 Double Funeral

G. W. Gibson at Liberty Hill Feb. 1933

Joel Pearson Allen at Macedonia Feb. 1933

J. T. Hanners at Shiloah Feb. 1933

Sir Carrie Sprayberry at Bethany July 1933

Babe Williams at Macedonia July 1933


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Sis Bunk Phillips at Bethlehem Aug. 1933

Bro. E. M. Carwile at Shiloah Dec. 20, 1933

Mr. W. E. Sparks age 65 at Shiloah Jan. 26, 1934

Mrs. R. K. TRuett age 62 at Ephesus May 30, 1934

Betty Gray age 17 months at Providence June 4, 1934

Bro. H. M. Crawford age 58 at Providence July 4, 1934

Bro D. M. Sparks age 86 July 15, 1934 at Shiloah.

Bro. J. M. Arnett age 58 yrs 6 mos at Paran Aug. 26, 1934

Little Myrthal Murea Gilbwert age 5 at Bethany Aug. 29, 1934 (snake bite)



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Bro. J. T. Pennington age 74 at Concord Sept. 9, 1934

Bro W. S. Hassel age 79 at Providence Jan. 12, 1935

Mrs. Kay age 78 at Shiloah Jan. 14, 1935

Bro. Ben Jarvis age 73 at Rockey Creek Apr. 8, 1935

Mr. Austin Finley age 28 at Mt. Zion July 31, 1935

Mrs. G. W. Drummond age 76 at Paran Sept. 16, 1935

Mr. J. M. Griffin age 82 at Rocky Mt. Nov. 1, 1935

Bro. Henry Blankenship age 79 at Bethany Dec. 24, 1935

Mrs. Lula Boyd age 39 at Shiloah Jan 19, 1936


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Sis Mollie Sparks age 66 yr 4 mos 25 days at Shiloah Mar. 1, 1936

Bro. M. O. Sparks age 45 yrs 2 mos 20 days at Shiloah Mar. 7, 1936

Mrs. Kate Mecham age 77 at Countaline Mar. 14, 1936

Little Byron Stanford age 14 yrs at Shiloah Apr. 3, 1936

Bro. A. K. Kennedy age 81 at Bethany Apr. 10, 1936

Sis T. J. Hamlet age 82 at Bethlehem June 24, 1936

Mr. (?) Melton age 55 at Bethlehem Oct. 18, 1936

Mrs. Evah Kay age 55 at Shiloah Nov. ?4, 1936

Bro. J. J. Bearden age 77 at Providence June 5, 1937

R. D. Patterson age 77 at Bethlehem Nov. 5, 1937


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Mrs. Bell Lowe and babies at Fellowship Nov. 10, 1938

Mrs. Mask at Bethany Nov. 16, 1938

Mr. Anse Griffin at Rocky Mt. Nov. 20, 1938

Sis Pennington age 79 at Concord Dec. 11, 1938

Mr. John Anderson at Valley Grove Mar. 1939

Saffold Baby at New Prospect Nov. 1939

Sis Summer at Smyrna Dec. 1939

Sis. A. O. Burns at Olive Branch Dec. 12, 1939

Mr. Othis Morris at Rocky Mt. Jan. 7, 1940


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Bro. M. C. Elliott at Macedonia Jan. 12, 1940

Bro. R. H. Hamlet at Bethlehem Jan. 25, 1940

Sis. Ruth Jackson age 48 at Macedonia July 27, 1940

Bro. C. E. McCollough age 55 at Fellowship June 1941

Sis Meigs age 77 at Bethlehem Nov. 1941

Troy Nabors age 24 at New Prospect Nov. 1941

Bro. J. V. Price age 87 at Rocky Mt. Dec. 25, 1941

Irving Jones at Valley Grove March 1942

Sis. McGee at Rocky Mt. July 10, 1942

Bro. Hershal Goodman at New Hope Dec. 6, 1942


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Sis Avery age 84 at Fellowship Aug. 15, 1943

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